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Manufacture your brand through our infographic design and development service which include Educational, Timeline, Graph and more

infographic design

Infographics are picking up notoriety as an across the board information sharing technique among organizations. Their capacity to enable clients to process huge amounts of information effectively, comprehend key ideas and interface with data on an intuitive level, has conveyed information perception to the standard gathering of people. Infographics fill in as information filtering instruments that winnow out the basics from complex data and present them in a clear and connecting with way.

We use infographics to manufacture brands and offer the buzz about developing innovations and the most recent business patterns. Our infographic outlining group embraces broad research practices to winnow out the data, information, and insights required to make a convincing infographic.

Be it a thought, process, pattern or innovation, we have practical experience in extricating key focuses from an idea and giving it outwardly staggering, intelligent representations that catch intrigue. Our infographic designer chalks up an arrangement of activity joining the correct online networking showcasing systems and viral advancement strategies that will acquire you a lot of SEO agreeable connections, drive visitors, create leads and expand on brand exposure.


Infographics come in different structures. They are sorted in view of reason, kinds of articles utilized and the stream of data. Note that an infographic won’t generally entirely fall into a particular class. As a matter of fact, most infographics will have components of different sorts of infographics.

We, at Clixiumworld, offer the top 9 types of infographic design templates which are as follows:-

  • Educational Infographics

The educational infographic is recognized by its better than expected utilization of content when contrasted with different kinds of infographics. The realistic might be improved by symbols, shapes, hues and other visual components however by and large, the accentuation is on the words.

  • TimeLine Infographics

Timeline infographic delineates occasions or activities in sequential request. They are frequently used to show an item’s advancement, a recorded pattern or a thought’s development. Timeline infographic makes utilization of symbols, pictures, and realistic components to put the point over. The timeline’s arrangement might be vertical, flat or winding. Vertical and winding timeline infographics is generally less demanding to peruse. An even course of events infographic works best in publications, introductions, and conditions where space isn’t an imperative.

  • Graph Infographics

Graph infographic has a diagram as the focal point of the data representation. Hues, shapes, and symbols might be included for accentuation as well as clarification. Graphs work best when playing out an essential examination of things. Occasions where graphs infographic would be significant incorporate the number of understudies in different colleges, Twitter devotees of various groups or the population in select urban areas.

  • Pie Charts Infographics

A pie Charts infographic is one where the concentration in question is a pie graph. Though a pie outlines infographic is, in fact, a subset of a diagram infographic, we allocate it an unmistakable class given it’s across the board utilize. Pie charts are extraordinary for demonstrating a thing’s distinctive segments or how one esteem thinks about to a few different qualities.

  • How to Infographics

How to infographic depicts the means associated with accomplishing a specific result. Examples of results whose procedure could be depicted utilizing a how-to infographic incorporate an item’s make, an ISO accreditation, an expert capability or a restorative methodology. The meaning of this kind of infographic innately infers that each progression is generally a coherent outcome of preceding ones.

  • Process Infographics

Process infographic is like a how-to infographic. The key refinement is that a process infographic delineates basic leadership forms. Process infographics are additionally referred to as choice trees or stream graphs. Each progression is connected to the following with lines and directional bolts. Examples of circumstances where a process infographic might be connected incorporate identity write assurance, sequential construction system fabricating, programming, venture arranging, and process review.

  • Comparison Infographics

A Comparison infographic analyzes the likenesses and contrasts between at least two items, areas, occasions, activities, thoughts or people. Cases of situations where this sort of infographic may work incorporate an examination of Managers versus Pioneers, Insourcing versus Outsourcing, or Past Strategy versus Introduce Strategy. The Comparison infographic makes a differentiation and recognizes the advantages and disadvantages of one thing with regards to an option. The realistic will more often than not be part of at least two segments relying upon the number of things being analyzed.

  • Number Infographics

A number infographic is conspicuous by the accentuation on numbers. Maybe you need to demonstrate the different ways nourishment is lost or squandered, how a war has affected a given nation or the imperative numbers while applying for a home loan. These illustrations and more can be all around depicted by a number infographic.

  • Resume Infographics

The resume infographic delineates the work understanding, proficient capabilities and different certifications of a person in a visual arrangement. Most occupation advertisements will draw in scores of utilization so a resume infographic is an imaginative method to separate oneself from different candidates. Though the resume infographic is frequently arranged as an outline going with a standard resume, it can remain without anyone else particularly where the business demands a short CV. Occupation applications are touchy so be sure that the infographic has a level of polished methodology comparable with the activity connected for.