About.me Marketing

There is endless platform out there that you can use to fabricate your own free individual site, yet not every one of them will convey a similar feeling of value and professionalism. In case you’re searching for something quick and straightforward that you simply need to represent a landing page for yourself, About.me could be one of your best contrasting options to look over.

About.me is a simple personal site platform that gives you a chance to make a basic page to direct clients toward your content and social networking links. About.me generally incorporate a background photo, a discretionary thumbnail profile photograph, a depiction and links to social media or different sites.

About.me gives you only one, single page to show every one of your connections and a summary of yourself, making it an ideal tool to come to the heart of the matter about your identity and what you do.


Setting up an About.me page is free and inconceivably simple. Here are the main features you are offered access to once you agree to accept a free record.

Background Photo: Your background photo sets the visual outline of your page. You can scale it so it extends over the full page, measure it and position it anyplace you need or use a photo from the About.me gallery.

Biography Information: Your page gets a headline (normally your name), a subheading, and an area of content to compose something important to you or your business.

Colour customization: Set the hues for your page, bio box, and also the content of your headings, biography, and connections. You can likewise tweak the opacity of your hues.

Fonts: Choose from well-known and funky textual styles to add to the appearance of your headlines and content.

Services: This is the place your social profiles will be shown, as symbols with joins. You can include your Facebook profile, your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Flickr, TypePad, Foursquare, Formspring, YouTube, Vimeo, Behance, Fitbit, Github and any extra URLs of your decision.

Contact: You can alternatively give an approach to viewers to reach you, either by email or by AOL video chats demands.

Profile statistics: On the dashboard, you can advantageously see what number of perspectives your site gets and when those viewed happened.

Klout score: Under the “More Data” tab, About.me will show your Klout insights, which measures your general social influence over the social networks you use.

Email signature integration: About.me makes it simple for you to give a connection to your page in your email signature for an extensive variety of particular email providers.

Favorites: Browse other About.me profiles and spare them to your Favorites list.

Inbox: After signing up, you’re given your own particular extraordinary About.me email address. It should resemble username@about.me.

Tags: Under “Account Settings” you can submit keywords that depict you, your business or whatever else.

Compliments: Receive compliments from clients browsing your site, or send them to different clients on About.me.

IOS app: You can get the full About.me encounter on your iPhone, with some additional features that the web version doesn’t have.